Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camp Kaitawa

Monday:  We went kayaking in  Lake Wherowhero.  Harman, Eva and I managed to not capsize. After that we went rock hopping around half of the lakeside. It got tricky when we got around 1/4 of the way, because basically all the rocks were on an angle facing downwards to the water .  When we got right around we went through the pipeline.  Once we got back, we went to our dorms for a while.  Then we went into the dinning room for some tea and some Milo, the thing we had for dinner was pasta and some veggies and then we played some handball and went to bed.

Tuesday: We went to a stream called Lake Kiriopukae, it was a smallish walk up to the stream, when we jumped over the stream some people went over to a big rock that was on an angle and slid down it . Once I did that I jumped into the stream before realizing that we had to do the undie 5 hundie.  It was uncomfortable on the ride back to Kaitawa because our pants were very wet.  After that, we did the confidence course, the obstacles on it were two logs to jump over, a wall to climb over and then the monkey bars, another  wall to climb over, and a cargo net that we flipped over.

Wednesday: On the 15th we did Master chef for breakfast.  We made a pancake as Minnie Mouse and for lunch we made spaghetti and mince stew, after that we had lunch.

Thursday:  On the 16th, we went caving.  In one of the caves there was a huge weta about 5cm long and 3cm wide.  One of the caves had a big drop, basically everyone slipped over.  By the time the second group got back it was time for some hand ball and then last but not least fear factor.

Friday: On the 17th of March, we packed up getting ready to go before having breakfast.  Once we had breakfast, we did a few things like games and then hopped in our vans and began our journey back to school.
Once we got back to school, we had to wait for our bags then we had to go on another journey home.


  1. I really like how you described camp I know It was really really fun. I like the pics you used expesaly the one were you carrying wood:)

  2. i really like the way you add lots of detail and it looks like you had fun

  3. I really like the pics and lovely story.

  4. Awesome blog post Jasmine! I liked how you added detail and everything was relevant to the topic. Maybe you could of made the writing a bit bigger but otherwise great blog post.

  5. Awesome blog post Jazz! I really like how you described camp. I also like how you added the pictures, it was a really nice touch. WELL DONE!

  6. i bet you did some awsome cooking :)