Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Camp Kaitawa

Monday:  We went kayaking in  Lake Wherowhero.  Harman, Eva and I managed to not capsize. After that we went rock hopping around half of the lakeside. It got tricky when we got around 1/4 of the way, because basically all the rocks were on an angle facing downwards to the water .  When we got right around we went through the pipeline.  Once we got back, we went to our dorms for a while.  Then we went into the dinning room for some tea and some Milo, the thing we had for dinner was pasta and some veggies and then we played some handball and went to bed.

Tuesday: We went to a stream called Lake Kiriopukae, it was a smallish walk up to the stream, when we jumped over the stream some people went over to a big rock that was on an angle and slid down it . Once I did that I jumped into the stream before realizing that we had to do the undie 5 hundie.  It was uncomfortable on the ride back to Kaitawa because our pants were very wet.  After that, we did the confidence course, the obstacles on it were two logs to jump over, a wall to climb over and then the monkey bars, another  wall to climb over, and a cargo net that we flipped over.

Wednesday: On the 15th we did Master chef for breakfast.  We made a pancake as Minnie Mouse and for lunch we made spaghetti and mince stew, after that we had lunch.

Thursday:  On the 16th, we went caving.  In one of the caves there was a huge weta about 5cm long and 3cm wide.  One of the caves had a big drop, basically everyone slipped over.  By the time the second group got back it was time for some hand ball and then last but not least fear factor.

Friday: On the 17th of March, we packed up getting ready to go before having breakfast.  Once we had breakfast, we did a few things like games and then hopped in our vans and began our journey back to school.
Once we got back to school, we had to wait for our bags then we had to go on another journey home.

Friday, October 28, 2016

MY writting

 How Emma  found the secret of fire    
          retold by Jasmine
Once upon a time there was a little Girl  called Emma she is very shy and Emma is very tricky . she lived in the middle of the forest in a pa with her 7 muscly  older brothers the pa was very small because it only has 5 huts at the moment cuz they were still building the other huts.Emma loved it when everyone gathered around the fire when it was cold .At midnight all you could hear was the sparrows chirping and the fire burning .
.That night Emma was thinking about how the others made the fire in the pa .so Emma  filled each  container and slowly poured freezing cold water Into  the fire and went back to bed . In the  morning  around 8.30 everyone woke up and they where more than furies at Emma because she had put out the fire’s.  they shouted at Emma GO TO THE VOLCANO AND GET US MORE FIRE NOW !!!!.But no one wanted to go with her  only her  friends the birds   Rupe,Huia,Tui,Pukeko,kiwi,piwakawaka and  gourd .When Emma  was Running  the 20 km the ground got dryer and dryer like a desert and the wind got hotter as Emma got closer to the volcano she like she was usain bolt and she had run 30 laps around two fields  .finally she got to the volcano and a river. Stay here friends so i can go in along .As Emma  was walking in she saw a old lady sitting next to a fire with fire red tikis around her .Hello said Emma you must be my aunty Rebekah .Can i please have some of your flames Emma  asked her aunt  .the old lady held her fingers and said taking a nail of her thumb take good care of this flame Emma. but i had a plan.Emma went out of the volcano and throw the flame in the water but when he went back into the volcano her  1st excuse  was it started raining and it
got burnt out .Emma’s  aunt gave Emma another flame but she said take better care of this one Emma when I was out of her site I throw that one into the river again and this excuse was that   I bumt into a tiki and it snacth it out my hands .then the next one was,a taniwha took it ,the  eel caught it.now her aunt  is on to her last one and she was so furis  at her she came out the flaming  hot  volcano with an evil face and all her cloths turn into flames .with all her power she blasted her last flame throw the only tree there and the top of the tree bursted into flames .and went back into the volcano .I climb the tree and pulled off so brunches
that wernt bornt . i got the one’s that i thought had the flame in and ran back home with the birds . when i reached the pa i shouted EVERYONE IN ONE IF THIS STICKS IS A FLAME but if there is no flame i can make the fire .I Tried all of the sticks none of the sticks had the flame in so i ruded the sticks together and nothing came up so i tried harder and harder then a spark came out of the stick’s. Everyone shouted yay Emma got us fire.that night Emma had a dream that she  had found out how to make fire and that she  had been krond the leader of the pa because she found some fire for her people .

                        THE END

our poem by Jasmine&Ella

                                                     OUR POEM

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Research about sophie pascoe

Sophie Pascoe Visiting Parkvale School
By Sophie and Jasmine
Tuesday  13th  of september  

Sophie pascoe
Sophie pascoe

When Sophie Pascoe came to Parkvale School we introduced her  to the class.
 And we asked  her some Questions and she showed us her medals they were really cool she has gold silver and bronze . she has 24 medals  and she is an amazing swimmer . in rio she won 3 gold 3 silver 1 bronze . she is a fast swimmer and is amazing even though she only has one leg.after 3 months she got youst to it.

Image result for sophie pascoe

Sophie Pascoe other info
This is sophie pascoe with the medals she has won . sophie pascoe has won 2 silver medals ,2 gold medals and one bronze from rio.

Sophie Pascoe has months of training for the olympics .


The Interview

On Tuesday the 8th 2016 we interviewed Sophie Pascoe and she greeted us when we let her in she let us feel her medals and Sophie said when she got them and where she got them from rio .I asked Sophie Pascoe 3 questions and Jasmine asked her another 3 1 of my questions are  when did you start the olympics ? Jasmine's question was how does she swim with one leg? So that went well and we asked her more questions and she answered straight away . when Sophie Pascoe came into our class we were really Excited and  Really nervous but finally we asked her the Questions.  

Our athlete is Sophie Frances Pascoe she was born january the 8th 1993 she's 23 years old .She does swimming in the paralympics
When Sophie Pascoe was a little girl she was playing with her ball then the ball went in front of the lawn mower and her dad didn't see her and accidently ran over her leg and now she has no  leg. Sophie Pascoe won a gold medal and  a silver on 2016 12/9  of September.
Sophie Pascoe - Glasgow 2014 Comm Games Gold 100Brst.jpg

Sophie Pascoe is a Paralympic swimmer on 12 of september she won two medals . me and my buddie are doing a magazine about her.

When Sophie Pascoe visited we first asked her what is it like to be an olympian?
Then she answered it is amazing because if you win you feel so awesome but it's not about winning for me it's about having
fun.me and Sophie agreed.  Then she asked me and my buddie a question that was:when you're older do you want to be an olympian .our answer was maybe but probably yes.
Third Questions :does your leg still hurt from it getting cut off? Sometimes it depends on what i do to it

Sophie Pascoe won another medal on 14/9 in rio.

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